Kevin Photo Kevin is a uniquely experienced technologist, manager and ICT strategist who, in his former life, worked as a music teacher and faculty head.

In Defence, Kevin, recently wrote the ICT Plan and Information Management (IM) Plan for the Australian Army.  Kevin has represented Australia in the ABCA multi-national military C3I standards and interoperability forum, developing the Information Interoperability Policy and standards for the 5 Army – Coalition of Nations (America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

He has written ICT strategies for large government departments, federal and state, as well as developed bespoke strategies for regional councils, airports, insurance and engineering companies.

Kevin’s expertise with emerging technology, telecommunications, networks, security, customer relationship management and multi-million dollar technology procurement processes has seen him plan, build, operate and provide strategic and innovative guidance for more than 20 years.

Kevin has worked with many organisations on disaster recovery, service level management, business continuity, security, resiliency and network policy development.

Previously Kevin has worked as the National Director of Primary Health within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.  Here he was responsible for the delivery of medial and allied health services and health related data of our veteran population.  He has also worked in various DHS portfolios including as a senior business analyst with responsibility for service management, electronic service delivery and standards and, strategic alignment and reporting.

As CIO of ACT Health and Community Care, Kevin represented the ACT health portfolio at a range of national committees which dealt with the development of national health technology standards, data sets and e-health infrastructure.